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24th March 2012

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The Texas/SXSW Adventure.

Texas was by far my most interesting couchsurfing adventure yet. Everywhere else I have stayed I have family or good friends within reasonable distance if I need any sort of help. This was not the case in Texas. Other than like driving through, I don’t think I’ve ever been in Texas for an extended period of time. 

With that said, I went to Texas with no concrete plans of where to stay. I try to usually not be so last minute with these sort of things, but I had plans to stay with someone who bailed last minute for no apparent reason. (Thanks guy!) And by this time all hotels were booked and couchsurfing hosts floors were full. 

Luckily a fantastic friend named Clayton offered up this couch until I found a place. 

I stayed on this couch for a couple days until I got stranded downtown because apparently most buses don’t run after midnight in Austin. Thankfully Clayton came and got me so I didn’t have to walk miles back to his apartment in the middle of the night. 

The next morning Candice invited me to stay where she was staying. In a house full of people couchsurfing. They all usually went out every night, so I decided to go there since I was in Austin, TX at SXSW, I’d rather be stuck out then have to go home early because there were no buses. Shout out to Chris Garza, who I think was the only person who knew the guys that lived there and essentially saved all of us (definitely me) from sleeping on the sidewalk every night. The guys who lived there were awesome to let us all stay there. The first night I was there I think there were 9 people (other than the 2 guys living there) staying in their townhouse. I shared Candice’s air mattress with her, which at night was about as comfortable as an air mattress can get, but by morning it had deflated and we were just sleeping on the floor. 

Now for the remainder of my stay I did end up back on the air mattress every night. But there were times when my “roommates” wanted to stay out and all I wanted to do was sleep. So I slept where I could. I was working for Nike at concerts while I was down there. So whenever I got tired I’d just go back there and sleep under tables:

Or on the couches we had for the talent after they left:

And on the last day at the house, someone had left so I got this couch:

Overall even though it was super stressful, SXSW was amazing. Everything is free. Food, drinks(though I don’t drink), and concerts. I got to see Motion City Soundtrack, Foxy Shazam x2, Slingshot Dakota, Bad Rabbits x2, fun., Imagine Dragons and Andrew WK(preformed all of I Get Wet with a full band!). And I met tons of fantastic people.

If you’ve ever debated on going to SXSW I’m here to tell you that you definitely should. Don’t even worry about buying those 100+ dollar passes. There is plenty of free stuff open to the public. 

Next Stop Denver!


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