My name is MaRisa. I'm pretty awesome. I don't live anywhere. I just stay with friends and strangers around the country. Yay life.

15th April 2012


My Job

People always ask me about what I do, how I make enough money to travel around.

Well I am an independent contractor. I work job to job. These jobs are USUALLY representing some sort of brand (Nike, Pepsi, Jeep, etc) at some sort of event (Super Bowl, Auto Shows, SXSW, etc). Now because I’m an independent contractor that means that companies will hire me for each event. For example, a company hired me to represent Pepsi at the Super Bowl. That was a 10 day job, then I had to find my next job.

How do I find jobs? The internet. 

Currently I haven’t worked for almost a month, which kind of sucks, but is also pretty awesome because I still have money to live off of for awhile. But I’m being more picky about the jobs I want. I get really stressed when I don’t have a job lined up and people are always like “oh why don’t you just get a normal job?” I’ve had normal jobs. I had normal jobs for most of last year. I was also on food stamps for most of last year. And in the first 3 months of this year I had already made about half of what I made last year. So yeah getting a normal job would be stupid.

I once had a job with Pikachu:

You can ask me more questions about this here:

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8th March 2012


Indianapolis Couches

So the past few days I was in Indianapolis. I didn’t have time or internet to update. I was stressing out too much about finding a Texas couch.

These couches belong to my bff Megan. That red couch is another one of the most uncomfortable couches ever. I generally wake up to my dog sleeping on me like this:

This couch is Chris’. It’s at his, Becca, and Amanda’s house. They also have some other couches in their house that I used to sleep on a lot.

Now, even though there are some super cool kids in Indy, they all work now so there is minimal time to hang out. Indianapolis kind of makes me sad now too. It was the last place I ACTUALLY lived. I had a huge fantastic townhouse and a massive room that I could do cartwheels in. But I had to leave there and haven’t been in the same place for much longer than a month since then. And what is most upsetting is that I had to leave my puppy dog with my bff and I feel like the most terrible person ever for it.

Isn’t she the most adorable thing in the world? I got her that toy while visiting her last weekend. She was pretty excited about it. I’m hoping that I’ll have an actual place after the summer so I can have her back. I miss her lots and lots.

Other couches I slept on while in Indy: Kendra’s (which was actually a bed WHOOP!) and Josh’s. Like I said, I was stressed out about my Texas situations so I missed some pictures.

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3rd March 2012


Going to be in Austin, TX in a couple days, no idea where I’m staying.

Ah, the stresses of couchsurfing. So Tuesday morning I’m carpooling with friends down to Austin, Texas for SXSW. I’m working the whole thing. It’s like 10 days. I had arranged to stay with a friend down there, but I haven’t been able to get ahold of him. So now I’m talking to other various people I barely know trying to find a place to stay. Everything generally falls into place and I still have a few days to figure things out, so I’m not going to start worrying TOO much just yet.

On top of all that, I also don’t know what I’m doing after SXSW. As in, where I’m going, how I’m getting there, etc. It’ll be pretty close to my 21st birthday at that time. It’s not looking like it’s going to be an exciting one.

AAAAH! I’m having a case of the Mondays. (In couchsurfing land it’s whatever day and time I decide it is, considering weekends are no different than weekdays to me since I work more on the weekends, and I never know what time zone I’m going to end up in.)

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